Interface IView

    • Method Detail

      • getVariable

        IntVar getVariable()
        Return the basis variable
        variable observed
      • justifyEvent

        void justifyEvent​(IntEventType mask,
                          int one,
                          int two,
                          int three)
        This methods is related to explanations, it binds an event occurring on the observed variable to the view.
        mask - type of modification
        one - an int
        two - an int
        three - an int
      • explain

        default void explain​(ExplanationForSignedClause explanation,
                             ValueSortedMap<IntVar> front,
                             Implications ig,
                             int p)
        Description copied from interface: ICause
        Clausal explanation for this cause.

        This method must filled explanations with inferred literals. These literals are inferred from the analysis of (a subset of) conflicting nodes stored in front, the implication graph ig and the current node in conflict, not yet contained in front.

        Optionally, this method can update front by looking for a predecessor of any node that seems more relevant than the declared one.

        Specified by:
        explain in interface ICause
        explanation - explanation to compute
        front - ordered map of (variable,node> in the conflict frontier of the implication graph.
        ig - an implication graph
        p - the pivot node out of front