Class LogStatEveryXXms

    • Constructor Detail

      • LogStatEveryXXms

        public LogStatEveryXXms​(Solver solver,
                                long duration)
        Create a monitor which outputs shot-line statistics every duration milliseconds
        solver - the solver to instrument
        duration - delay between two outputs, in milliseconds
    • Method Detail

      • afterInitialize

        public void afterInitialize​(boolean correct)
        Description copied from interface: IMonitorInitialize
        Actions to execute after initialisation of the solver
        Specified by:
        afterInitialize in interface IMonitorInitialize
        correct - equals false if initialization failed, true otherwise.
      • afterClose

        public void afterClose()
        Description copied from interface: IMonitorClose
        Actions to execute after closing the search
        Specified by:
        afterClose in interface IMonitorClose