Class ConflictOrderingSearch<V extends Variable>

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IMonitorContradiction, ISearchMonitor

    public class ConflictOrderingSearch<V extends Variable>
    extends AbstractStrategy<V>
    implements IMonitorContradiction
    Conflict Ordering Search Composite heuristic which hacks a mainStrategy by forcing the use of variables involved in recent conflicts See "Conflict Ordering Search for Scheduling Problems", Steven Gay et al., CP2015.
    Charles Prud'homme
    • Field Detail

      • model

        protected Model model
        The target solver
    • Constructor Detail

      • ConflictOrderingSearch

        public ConflictOrderingSearch​(Model model,
                                      AbstractStrategy<V> mainStrategy)
        Creates a conflict-ordering search
        model - the solver to attach this to
        mainStrategy - the main strategy declared