Class MeasuresRecorder

    • Constructor Detail

      • MeasuresRecorder

        public MeasuresRecorder​(String modelName)
        Create a measures recorder
    • Method Detail

      • startStopwatch

        public void startStopwatch()
        Start the stopwatch, to compute resolution time
      • stopStopwatch

        public void stopStopwatch()
        Stop the stopwatch, the resolution time is fixed.
      • setObjectiveOptimal

        public final void setObjectiveOptimal​(boolean objectiveOptimal)
        indicates whether or not the optimum has been found and proved
        objectiveOptimal - true if the objective is proven to be optimal
      • reset

        public void reset()
        Reset every measure to its default value (mostly 0)
      • incNodeCount

        public final void incNodeCount()
        increment node counter
      • incBackTrackCount

        public final void incBackTrackCount()
        increment backtrack counter
      • incBackjumpCount

        public final void incBackjumpCount()
        increment backtrack counter
      • incFailCount

        public final void incFailCount()
        increment fail counter
      • incFixpointCount

        public final void incFixpointCount()
        increment fail counter
      • incRestartCount

        public final void incRestartCount()
        increment restart counter
      • incSolutionCount

        public final void incSolutionCount()
        increment solution counter
      • incDepth

        public final void incDepth()
        Increments current depth
      • decDepth

        public final void decDepth()
        Decrements current depth
      • setSearchState

        public final void setSearchState​(SearchState state)
        Update the current search state
        state - new search state
      • setBoundsManager

        public final void setBoundsManager​(IBoundsManager boundsManager)
        Update the bounds managed
        boundsManager - new bound manager
      • setReadingTimeCount

        public final void setReadingTimeCount​(long readingTimeCount)