Interface INeighbor

    • Method Detail

      • init

        default void init()
        Initialize this neighbor
      • recordSolution

        void recordSolution()
        Record values of decision variables to freeze some ones during the next LNS run
      • fixSomeVariables

        void fixSomeVariables()
                       throws ContradictionException
        Freezes some variables in order to have a fast computation. The fixed variables are declared as decisions in the decision path.
      • restrictLess

        default void restrictLess()
        Use less restriction at the beginning of a LNS run in order to get better solutions Called when no solution was found during a LNS run (trapped into a local optimum)
      • isSearchComplete

        default boolean isSearchComplete()
        true iff the search is in a complete mode (no fixed variable)
      • loadFromSolution

        void loadFromSolution​(Solution solution)
        Load a solution and record it
        solution - a solution to record