Class CumulFilter

    • Field Detail

      • nbMaxTasks

        protected int nbMaxTasks
    • Constructor Detail

      • CumulFilter

        public CumulFilter​(int nbMaxTasks)
        An object which can filter subset of tasks for the cumulative constraint
        nbMaxTasks - maximum number of tasks
    • Method Detail

      • filter

        public abstract void filter​(IntVar[] s,
                                    IntVar[] d,
                                    IntVar[] e,
                                    IntVar[] h,
                                    IntVar capa,
                                    ISet tasks,
                                    Propagator<IntVar> aCause)
                             throws ContradictionException
        Filters the cumulative constraint over the subset of tasks induced by tasks
        s - start variables
        d - duration variables
        e - end variables
        h - height variables
        capa - maximum capacity variable
        tasks - subset of tasks to filter
        aCause - a cumulative propagator