Class StoredDirectedMultiGraph

  • public class StoredDirectedMultiGraph
    extends Object
    Created by IntelliJ IDEA. User: julien Mail: julien.menana{at} Date: Nov 4, 2009 Time: 1:07:19 PM
    • Constructor Detail

      • StoredDirectedMultiGraph

        public StoredDirectedMultiGraph​(IEnvironment environment,
                                        org.jgrapht.graph.DirectedMultigraph<Node,​Arc> graph,
                                        int[][] layers,
                                        int[] starts,
                                        int[] offsets,
                                        int supportLength,
                                        ICostAutomaton pi,
                                        IntVar[] z)
    • Method Detail

      • delayedBoundUpdate

        public void delayedBoundUpdate​(gnu.trove.stack.TIntStack toRemove,
                                       IntVar[] z,
                                       int... dim)
      • makePathFinder

        public final void makePathFinder()
      • getInStack

        public final BitSet getInStack()
        Getter to the is arc in to be removed stack bitSet
        an instance of a storable bitset
      • isInStack

        public final boolean isInStack​(int idx)
        Getter, the idx th bit of the inStack bitSet
        idx - the index of the arc
        true if a given arc is to be deleted
      • setInStack

        public final void setInStack​(int idx)
        Set the idx th bit of the to be removed bitset
        idx - the index of the bit
      • getRegret

        public int getRegret​(int layer,
                             int value,
                             int... resources)
      • getMinPathCostForAssignment

        public int getMinPathCostForAssignment​(int layer,
                                               int value,
                                               int... resources)
      • getMinMaxPathCostForAssignment

        public int[] getMinMaxPathCostForAssignment​(int layer,
                                                    int value,
                                                    int... resources)
      • getInstantiatedLayerCosts

        public double[] getInstantiatedLayerCosts​(int layer)
      • getMinPathCost

        public int getMinPathCost​(int... resources)