Class TuplesVeryLargeTable

  • public class TuplesVeryLargeTable
    extends LargeRelation
    A LargeRelation for cases where domain are too big to be stored in a single array. Then, we store it in a chunk bitsets
    Charles Prud'homme
    • Constructor Detail

      • TuplesVeryLargeTable

        public TuplesVeryLargeTable​(Tuples tuples,
                                    IntVar[] vars)
    • Method Detail

      • checkTuple

        public boolean checkTuple​(int[] tuple)
        Description copied from class: LargeRelation
        return true if tuple is feasible according to the definition of the relation. e.g if the relation is defined with infeasible tuples, it returns true if tuple is one of them.
        Specified by:
        checkTuple in class LargeRelation
      • isConsistent

        public boolean isConsistent​(int[] tuple)
        Description copied from class: LargeRelation
        Test whether a tuple is consistent
        Specified by:
        isConsistent in class LargeRelation
        true if tuple is consistent.