Class TuplesList

  • public class TuplesList
    extends LargeRelation
    A simple way of storing the tuples as a list. This doesn't allow consistency check (TuplesTable is made for that) or iteration over supports of each value (IterTuplesTable is made for that) This simple way of storing supports only allow fast iteration over the all set of tuples and is used by STR gac scheme.
    • Field Detail

      • tuplesIndexes

        protected final int[][] tuplesIndexes
      • TCOMP

        protected static final Comparator<int[]> TCOMP
    • Constructor Detail

      • TuplesList

        public TuplesList​(Tuples tuples,
                          IntVar[] vars)
    • Method Detail

      • getTuple

        public int[] getTuple​(int support)
      • getTupleTable

        public int[][] getTupleTable()
      • checkTuple

        public boolean checkTuple​(int[] tuple)
        Description copied from class: LargeRelation
        return true if tuple is feasible according to the definition of the relation. e.g if the relation is defined with infeasible tuples, it returns true if tuple is one of them.
        Specified by:
        checkTuple in class LargeRelation
      • isConsistent

        public boolean isConsistent​(int[] tuple)
        Description copied from class: LargeRelation
        Test whether a tuple is consistent
        Specified by:
        isConsistent in class LargeRelation
        true if tuple is consistent.