Class PropLargeCSP<R extends LargeRelation>

    • Constructor Detail

      • PropLargeCSP

        protected PropLargeCSP​(IntVar[] vars,
                               R relation)
    • Method Detail

      • getRelation

        public final R getRelation()
      • isEntailed

        public ESat isEntailed()
        Description copied from class: Propagator
        Check wether this is entailed according to the current state of its internal structure. At least, should check the satisfaction of this (when all is instantiated).
        Specified by:
        isEntailed in class Propagator<IntVar>
        ESat.TRUE if entailed, ESat.FALSE if not entailed, ESat.UNDEFINED if unknown
      • extractTuples

        public Tuples extractTuples()
        Extract the tuples from this internal data structure
        a tuples object